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Easy blogging tips to save big mistakes
Starting your own blog on platforms like blogger and word press can seem very over whelming at first or extremely frustrating, Very few will find it exciting if they know little about html, css, and site configuration. Assuming you are new to blogging, You will need to learn them or at lest a basic understanding of how they work and operate if you ever want to become a great blogger. You could pay a tech guru to set it all up for you and I'm sure the college students would be seeing dollar signs when you come walking there way I would.

This is not a good way to learn how to run a blog and is actually the worse thing you could do because if all the work was done for you in the beginning then how will you be able to update fresh widgets or adding to your blog layout? or (Seo - search engine optimization) and so on without the help of your initially hired friend. You can see where that is going... I am sure you may have talked to many people who have blogs, but if they have absolutely no knowledge of html scripts I doubt if there blog will ever rise to the top and become a great blog.

Learning this complex stuff is impossible right?... wrong

When I started out 1 year ago blogging I knew nothing and I mean nothing about blogging, html scripts, Seo, keywords and the list goes on, but I knew if I wanted to at lest become a mid level blogger I would have to learn and so I did. Of course I didn't learn this over night, it was more like " one small step for me and one giant leap for my blog" and inch by inch I started to learn html and improve my blogs. It was a painful, I admit it and involved many nights pulling out my hair in frustration ( It grew back!) but every step I made was on step closer to my goal.

The bottom line is whether you are new to blogging and trying to set up a blog and make a little side income or you just want to be recognized for your writing talent you will need to learn html and understand Seo while writing mind blasting content all at the same time with a side of keywords and even using social sites to get traffic to your blog, but that we will save for another article. Now we are going to start getting into the top 10 mistakes made by bloggers (after all that is what this post is about) and I was no different making all of the mistakes as well.
These are not in order...

1. if your blog is about cars, do not have a web address like
Your web address should be on topic of your blog.

2. Almost the same as above, but this refers to your blog title again be relevant as your blog title and url should be on topic. Some set there blog title as there url like I have done, but you can have a blog title that differs from your web address and that won't effect you or your blog at all.
Just again don't name your blog title fruitymilksour when it is about cars.

3. The templates that come with blogger are basic at best, and should be changed either now or later. You can grab a new template from almost any where and they are free, but this does mean you will have to learn html because even though the template is set up, you will still need to add to it hear and there to work for you.

4. Be careful not to spam when promoting your site

5. Avoid writing articles or post's that are so chuck full of keywords no one can understand what you are really saying, and write original content. That does not mean you can't write about some thing that has already been done by some one else, it just means put your own unique spin on it. Writing killer content is easy just be yourself.

6. When monetizing your blog don't have AdSense units with boarders... almost every professional blogger will tell you that is not a good way to increase your ctr (click through rate) and has nothing to do with columns. This means when you either get your AdSense code from google or you use the layout blogger has given you for AdSense, don't enable the boarders. Also bare in mind your color choices.

7. Do not give up after 2 months of having your blog because it is not getting and traffic or very little. I cant stress that enough as many new bloggers think they have done something wrong when in reality they haven't. Getting your blog noticed or even getting on search engines can take awhile.

8. Never use google AdWords for a blog unless you are selling something on it or offer a service. You will never get the money in return that you spent on bringing traffic in. You can get allot more traffic from social sites like Digg, Reddit, Stumble upon and so on for blogs and best part .... it's free. It is possible if you have killer content to get 5,000 site visits in one day if don't right. This will not happen much, but it is possible every once in a while when your have a dominating post to achieve this.

9. Don't write post's that are under 200 words if you want traffic from the search engines on the post... some get away with this, but most don't and your article will never see the search engine light.

10. Using
hubpages can drive up the amount of traffic your blog is getting by making hubs around your niche and linking to your blog. Many have not done this, but they're missing out on a great long term traffic source.




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